Cyber Security Oil ad GasCyber criminals are attacking oil and gas companies in increasing numbers. Of 200 recent cyber attacks against critical infrastructures, 53 percent have been targeted against the energy sector.  Oil and gas companies must deal with cyber risk challenges due to a more open IT network and increased reliance on technology.

The oil and gas industry, being a lucrative and high profile industry, is attractive to hackers. The information they store and transmit is valuable. Because of this, oil and gas companies are running scared.  They’re in need of IT Managed Service Providers who understand their industry, and who can provide IT Security Expertise to advise them and protect their investments.   

As an oil and gas company executive, you can’t afford for your IT systems to be jeopardized in any way.  You need the expertise of an IT Managed Service Provider who is also an IT Security Expert.  One who understands the oil and gas landscape, and how to mitigate cyber risks.  The right IT Managed Services and Network Security Provider knows that you require:

  • The ability to use online capabilities and secure cloud solutions to securely and reliably transmit information in real time from your headquarters to the field and vice versa.
  • To transmit and receive well log and decline curve data to ensure your operations progress as they should, along with secure, reliable information via the cloud to make effective business decisions.
  • Cyber risk management that includes the third-party vendors you use to protect your critical business assets from unauthorized individuals who can harm your business.
  • Customized solutions to thwart and minimize the impact of attempted cyber attacks, along with a comprehensive security plan tailored to your unique circumstances.
  • Advice and consulting services to use technology to your competitive advantage, such as mobility solutions, cloud computing, and knowledge management.
  • Layers of security protection for the R&D and intellectual property that is so valuable to your success.
  • Expertise to help you comply with constantly changing regulations that typically promote a one-size-fits-all type of security, and that can compete with your priority to effectively protect your company’s systems from cyber intrusions.
  • Help securely storing, transmitting, processing and managing mass amounts of sensor data, and trend histories using innovative, secure visualization, modeling, and analytics to improve reservoir management.

Even a simple hacking attempt can do a great deal of damage to your oil or gas company’s IT infrastructure. And with the increasing number and level of sophisticated cyber attacks, you need the advice and support of experts who can help you use innovative technologies to your advantage and also mitigate these risks.

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