Nirico Systems exists to provide innovative and structured solutions to our clients and business affiliates. It is in the role of Business Facilitators that our company will provide the support that will be an integral part of your success. It is through the success of others that we will achieve our own.

Why Are Business Leaders Gravitating Toward the IT Services of Nirico Systems?

We recognize that organizational leadership has many options in the Calgary and Edmonton markets when it comes to IT services. We won’t make the outlandish claims of being “the best,” “the cheapest,” or “the most effective.” What we will do is tell you what the clients coming to us are telling us about why they have made the switch to Nirico. Better yet, we’ll tell you why our long-term clients choose to stay with us year after year.

  • Our Team – People make a difference! We have gone out of our way to select people that not only have the technical skills to get the job done but also possess the people skills necessary to build long-term, win-win relationships with our clients.
  • Our Strategy – Proactive maintenance and operational monitoring is the cornerstone of our strategic approach to keeping our clients’ systems running securely and flawlessly.
  • Our Strategic Partnerships – We’ve been in the IT support industry long enough to know what hardware, software, and cloud options are dependable and innovative. We build relationships with those vendors in order to provide the best service and options to our clients.
  • Our Responsiveness – No one wants to wait an unreasonable amount of time for a fix to their computer problems. When you call or email with a concern, our team goes directly to work evaluating the problem, assigning the right resources, and finding the right solution.
  • Our Vision – We have the drive to succeed! Our vision is to be recognized as a premiere Managed Service Provider of innovative IT products and services.


The Nirico Difference – What is the Difference Between a Business Facilitator and an IT Technician?

Business leaders today are looking for more than someone that will come and set up or fix their computers. Instead, leaders like you are looking to leverage technology for business process and competitive advantage. Making those goals a reality takes more than an IT Technician; it requires someone that knows how to harness technology for business process efficiency.

That’s where the Nirico Systems business IT specialists step into the picture. We have the combination of business savvy and technical know-how that is required to help you use technology to level-up your internal processes. By leveraging a wide variety of innovative technologies, we help businesses like yours make the most of the technology they currently own and make informed choices regarding future IT investments.

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