How Do I Find A Responsive IT Support Team For My Calgary Or Edmonton Based Business?

Many businesses make the decision to hire an IT support company based on their promises. Unfortunately, not every business has the ability to deliver on their word, leaving Calgary and Edmonton based businesses in the lurch when they need the help most.


Without access to a panel of professional technology specialists for IT answers and troubleshooting, Calgary and Edmonton businesses never maximize the potential of the business technology they already own.

With the right IT support team in place, Calgary and Edmonton based businesses are positioned to thrive. Nirico is committed to being available for their valued customers whenever we are needed. We provide answers to everyday IT questions and offer technology consulting services to assist with more complex executive decision making.

What Can I Expect From Service Desk Support From Nirico?

Nirico offers its customers two avenues to access the Service Desk Support that they need. For clients who favor a hands-on approach, we have the ability to send a qualified IT technician directly to their office to help them resolve the technology issues they are facing.

But many pressing IT concerns can be resolved directly through remote IT support. To create a help desk ticket, all our customers need to do is email or call our office, and one of our qualified technicians will be assigned to assist them with resolving the issues they are facing. Best of all, the IT specialists employed by Nirico are based locally, meaning each time our clients call, they are connecting with someone who lives, works, and plays in the Calgary or Edmonton region. This locality provides each of our employees with a thorough understanding of the community and culture of the area where each of our clients lives. This familiarity enables us to provide customized IT solutions to meet very specific needs.

How Does Help Desk Support Work?

When one of our friendly technicians receives a service desk call, they ask a series of leading questions to gain a clear picture of the problem the client is facing. Once armed with this knowledge, we are then able to get to work sourcing the solution to permanently resolve the issue.

With Service Desk Support from Nirico, Calgary and Edmonton area businesses no longer have to face the frustration of spending endless hours waiting for an IT technician to show up at their door in order to receive the help they need. We understand that when a business’ IT assets aren’t functioning properly, that time is of the essence. The technical specialists at Nirico make it our top priority to restore our clients’ business technology to full functionality promptly to enable them to meet their business objectives efficiently.

With Service Desk Support from Nirico, Calgary and Edmonton area companies can have fully functioning IT assets that are optimized and maintained to keep their business on task all the time.

What Other Services Does Nirico Offer Calgary or Edmonton Based Businesses?

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