Does The Lack of Reliable and Professional IT Services Hinder Your Business Processes?

A good IT solution can streamline processes and reduce total costs without making things more complicated. But Calgary and Edmonton businesses need more than good IT solutions. Full-throttle business technology requires IT management and maintenance provided by dependable technology specialists.


That’s why the Nirico systems team has created customizable service packages for many of our clients, to give them always-on IT that allows them to pursue organizational objectives.

Which Industries Does Nirico Systems Specialize In Supporting?

We realize that each company’s needs differ significantly depending on their workflow. What might be beneficial for one business could ruin another.

We primarily work with companies with anywhere from 25 to 1500 employees. Nirico Systems has perfected its IT support offerings according to the nuances of the following fields:

  • Healthcare: Healthcare facilities and practices have more than their fair share of technology hurdles. The most significant are clinical workflow efficiency, cybersecurity, and the IT side of HIPAA compliance.
  • Sports & Entertainment: Entertainment and Sports venues and their associated front office operations pose unique IT challenges. We work with the latest software and hardware innovations to provide a comprehensive approach to fulfilling the varied requirements of these complex IT environments.
  • Manufacturing: Manufacturing facilities use technology in different ways than other industries. Usually, the manufacturing floor environment is harder on IT hardware than other industries, and the trace and track requirements – from the supply chain through the manufacturing process to distribution – is more complex.
  • Nonprofit Organizations: Nonprofits pose unique IT challenges that our team loves to tackle. Each nonprofit has its own mission, and its IT infrastructure must complement and support that mission.
  • Oil and Gas: The petroleum industry offers some unique challenges for IT support companies. They operate in some of the most physically challenging environments on the planet. With so many moving parts, and sometimes thousands of employees working around the clock on any number of smaller projects, the technology has to work.Add to that unpredictable market prices, fluctuating demand, and complex compliance standards…we had to provide the following services to be able to alleviate some of the industry’s most prominent concerns:
  • Real Estate Agencies: Our clients range from real estate agents starting out on their own, property management companies, and other industry professionals who need the IT support and service required to thrive in this field.
  • Information and Communication Technology: We maximize system availability and reduce the overall administrative burden by offering a proactive, holistic approach to IT support.

Don’t See Your Industry Listed? No Worries!

We work with small to mid-size businesses in nearly every sector represented in the Calgary and Edmonton markets. If we can deal with the high-compliance and technical requirements of these listed industries – and we do – we are confident that we can care for your business IT as well.

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