How will Windows Blue impact business?

Have you heard of Windows Blue?  Does Windows Blue mean anything to your business? ZDNet is one of the top websites for IT information and when we read that the next generation of Windows is said to be close to a public preview state, it caught us a little off guard. Mary Jo Foley covers…

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How can Canadian business improve IT Security?

What can Canadian business learn from the latest security breaches and hacking attempts coming from China? Our IT security team is here to help your Canadian business with all your IT security needs – our goal is to keep your Canadian business secured. We had a chance to watch CNN’s “The Situation Room” and caught…

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Are there lessons in China’s Hacking Attacks for Canadian business?

Mandiant is putting a big target right on China, according to industry reports. Mandiant is a computer-security firm who identified a twelve-story white office building in Shanghai on Datong Lu (“Great Harmony Road’). Camouflaged amongst restaurants, shops and massage parlors, the location has been zeroed-out as the headquarters of the People’s Liberation Army Unit 61398….

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