Canadian Cell PhonesEveryone has a love-hate relationship with their cell phone provider. This is a common story across Canada and if you ask any Canadian, many will have a horror story with their current or previous cell phone provider.

Steve Anderson, Executive Director of said in a recent interview, “It’s pretty clear that Canadians are being mistreated by cell phone carriers.” We recently learned about another individual who was forced to pay a $3,600 cancellation fee when their son with Asperger Syndrome activated a cell phone service with one of Canada’s cell phone providers.

What cell phone company horror stories do you have? 

Many Canadians echo the same comments as the Vancouver man who had his legs crushed on the job and could no longer work, “You would have needed to die,” when asked about how to successfully get out of your contract with your Canadian cell phone company.

Compared to friends south of the border, Canadian cell phone providers are many times more expensive. We also learned about a Canadian technology firm in the Niagara region who activates cell phones on the Sprint network in the United States and roams in Canada. “The Sprint phones roaming in Canada are about 10x more affordable than having Canadian cell phones.”

Canadian businesses could not operate without their mobile phones. Mobile technology has allowed Canadian business the flexibility to work from any location and access company information from virtually anywhere.

The push to the cloud is driving the adoption of mobile technologies in Canadian business.

Does your business have a solution in place to manage the explosive growth of mobile technologies in your business?

Our team can offer your business a turn-key mobile device management solution that provides full management of all mobile phones and devices with access to your network in addition to helping manage all your assets.

We can’t do anything about the high costs of cell phone technology in Canada, but we can help your business manage your mobile phones more efficiently.