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Since businesses rely heavily on their technology assets, they can’t afford to waste time on an IT environment that isn’t meeting their needs. Limping along with IT resources that aren’t dependable is a recipe for disaster.


Business Continuity Consulting & Strategy

The answer to a business’ IT needs won’t come from just one or two vendors. Most businesses require various types of IT solutions from multiple vendors. Contacting and re-contacting these vendors can be a job in itself.

Rather than hire a procurement manager, businesses can contract with us on an as-needed basis to do the “shopping” and negotiating for them. We also manage all licenses and warranties for our clients and update them as required.

Nirico Systems Inc’s procurement services are guaranteed to:



Save Time


Save Money


Single point of Contact


Most businesses don’t have unlimited budgets when it comes to acquiring new technology resources. With technology changing at such a rapid pace, it can be very difficult for business owners where to spend their technology dollars to see a maximum return on their investment.

  • Computers, Laptops, Tablets, Smartphones, and Servers
  • Applications and Software as a Service (SaaS) subscriptions
  • IT Maintenance
  • Employee Training on Hardware and Software
  • Software and Hardware Upgrades
  • Licenses and Warranties
  • Security solutions or Security as a Service (SecaaS)
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Updates to Legacy Solutions

We deal with vendors for our clients, get them the best prices, and ensure their technology assets work for them.

  • New Hardware & Software Consulting
  • Contract Negotiations with Vendors
  • Resolving IT Issues with Vendors
  • Contacting Vendors
  • Warranty and License Management

Why Partner with Nirico Systems Inc. for my Technology Procurement Needs?

Today’s hardware and software solutions are both expensive and complicated. Making the wrong decision could lead to years of trying to make do with an IT system that just isn’t suited for the work a business does.

Trying to comprehend today’s technology offerings and their advantages for each business is confusing at best. For someone that isn’t trained in technology, it’s easy to get lost in the lingo, swayed by a slick sales pitch into buying the latest and greatest technology system only to discover it’s not the right product to meet their business’ needs.

Nirico Systems Inc. thoroughly assesses the workflow requirements of each of our clients to gain a thorough understanding as to what technology assets they need to complete their work most effectively. We then work with vendors to get our clients the right solutions that align with their goals.

With our vendor management services, businesses have an IT partner with their best interests at heart, placing a high priority on sourcing the right products at the right prices.

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We serve small to mid-size businesses and business owners with the same high-level IT services used by most large scale organizations.

Our IT Help Desk is here to help you and you staff with your immediate IT problems.

Cloud management to get you set up for a remote working environment.

Never lose your important data and documents with managed backup services.

Hardware procurement to get your business the right hardware for your business model and goals.

We help you find the systems and software that will best support your business goals and needs.

Solutions to ensure your business operations and core functions aren't affected by disasters or incidents.

Security solutions to ensure your business is protected from security or data breeches, viruses and malware

System monitoring and management to ensure all your IT is up-to-date and the best solution for your business goals.

Industries we work with

We serve small to mid-size businesses and business owners with the same high-level IT services used by most large scale organizations.

Through our nearly 2 decade journey, NSI has supported clients in a vast variety of industries. NSI has especially deep experience in oil & gas, not-for profit, sports & entertainment, and health care.

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