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Protect Your Internal and Cloud-Based Workflow with Cybersecurity Protocols and Management Built for High-Demand IT Environments.

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A Security Breach Could Put Your business At Risk

Our cybersecurity solutions and services are custom-designed to safeguard your business technology and data assets – ensuring that your business operations are protected and always available. Your IT systems are protected by experts in the field that understand the technology your business uses and the threat vectors that cyber criminals leverage in their attempts to gain access and do damage.


What Cybersecurity Strategies Does NSI Leverage in Building Concentric Walls of Security Around Business Data and Processes?


Compliance Management

Simply relying upon a “set it and forget it” compliance strategy is not sufficient, is it? You need a team on your side that can meet the IT side of compliance standards without negatively impacting the efficiency of internal workflow. To meet the refined demands of this delicate balancing act, you need a cybersecurity team that has a wealth of experience in both IT compliance and working in cooperation when needed with the bodies that are tasked with compliance oversight.

By leveraging a robust cyber risk management framework, the NSI team provides protection for your mission-critical IT assets while ensuring that the industry and legislative compliance requirements for your industry are met or exceeded. But we don’t ask you to take our word for it. We provide each of our clients with the control framework and regular compliance posture reporting needed to provide complete transparency into their compliance process and standing.


Did you know that your employees likely pose the greatest vulnerability gap in your efforts to secure your business data and workflow? Because the focus is the technology, many times IT professionals and business owners alike forget that employees need ongoing training to stay current with phishing and social engineering exploits that target them in order to gain access to the company’s network.

How Does End User Security Awareness Training Work?

The NSI team of cybersecurity professionals use a simple, repeatable, three-step process to help you build a culture of cybersecurity awareness within your company.

  • Step #1 – Train – Providing group or online interactive instruction
  • Step #2 – Test – Using automated, simulated attacks to see how your employees respond
  • Step #3 – Analyze – Providing statistics and graphs developed from the testing stage to indicate what information your employees absorbed from the training and what needs further attention

End-User Security Awareness Training


Strategic Security Management


The five pillars of cybersecurity management are:

  1. Threat Intelligence
  2. Behaviour Analysis
  3. Auditing and Logging
  4. Change Management
  5. Monitoring and Alerting
  • Industry-Specific Services – providing tailored solutions to all types of businesses from Automotive to Non-Profit to ensure that your technology is right for your business needs.
  • Email and Network Security – maintaining and implementing the right security solutions, including anti-virus software, firewalls, web-content filtering, and spam filtering – keeping the gateways to your business secure and safe.
  • Data Backup and Business Continuity – creating a reliable business continuity plan to keep your data backed up, safe and secure – making sure all backups are monitored and tested on a regular basis to ensure recoverability.

Technical Security Management

The security of your client data, proprietary information, and mission-critical processes is not something you can leave to anything less than a full team of experienced cybersecurity professionals. Here are the IT security solutions that are leveraged by NSI to provide you with concentric walls of always-on cybersecurity. 

  • Secured Firewall – protecting your network from unauthorized access and blocking intrusions without compromising your internet connection
  • Managed Anti-virus and Malware Protection – keeping ahead of present and horizon-level viruses by constantly updating threat databases, spotting problems, and eliminating threats
  • 24/7 System and Network Monitoring – monitoring on-site and cloud assets in real-time to discover and eliminate threats
  • Web Content Filtering – preventing employees from visiting dangerous, malicious, or inappropriate websites
  • Spam Filtering – blocking and quarantining suspicious emails that may contain viruses or malware
  • Mobile Device Management – providing access to business data and processes on smartphones and tablets without fear of compromising security or compliance standing

Technical Security Management

Vulnerability Management

Every device in the company connects to the internet. That connection puts each device in the position of being a possible entry point for ransomware, hack attempt, or virus. The number of potential vulnerabilities number in the hundreds. The NSI team deals with proactively implementing the thousands of critical patches that are needed if your operations and data are going to stay secure.

But vulnerability management isn’t just about workstations. Your mobile devices, network, cloud assets, firewall, endpoints, and servers also must be constantly updated and monitored to make sure that they are ready to ward off potential threats. All of this is critical to both operational security and compliance to standards such as PCI, HIPAA, GLBA, ISO27001, and NIST.

Business Continuity Consulting & Strategy

Surviving a disaster and ensuring sustainable operations is a key corporate objective. This is how we help you maintain access to core processes and data when your local IT assets are compromised.



Daily Backups

Daily backups of all operating systems, files, and applications are uploaded locally to restore quickly in times of emergency.

Emergency response planning

Emergency response planning provides your entire team with clear and concise policies and procedures to deal with a disruption, so in the event of any issues, your business operations continue smoothly.

Cloud Backups

Cloud backups ensure you have everything you need to continue working from anywhere when your onsite equipment is damaged.

Regular Testing

Regular testing to guarantee they are ready to be used, documenting gaps and errors to prevent the possibility of failed backups that keep you from staying operational.

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We serve small to mid-size businesses and business owners with the same high-level IT services used by most large scale organizations.

Our IT Help Desk is here to help you and you staff with your immediate IT problems.

Cloud management to get you set up for a remote working environment.

Never lose your important data and documents with managed backup services.

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We help you find the systems and software that will best support your business goals and needs.

Solutions to ensure your business operations and core functions aren't affected by disasters or incidents.

Security solutions to ensure your business is protected from security or data breeches, viruses and malware

System monitoring and management to ensure all your IT is up-to-date and the best solution for your business goals.

Industries we work with

We serve small to mid-size businesses and business owners with the same high-level IT services used by most large scale organizations.

Through our nearly 2 decade journey, NSI has supported clients in a vast variety of industries. NSI has especially deep experience in oil & gas, not-for profit, sports & entertainment, and health care.

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