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A Disaster Could Put Your business At Risk

Statistics show that on average, over 40% of businesses that do not have a Business Continuity plan go out of business after a major loss like a fire, a break-in, or a storm. Don’t let disaster strike and set you back! Get peace of mind by making sure you have a business continuity plan in place to ensure productivity never falters.

Using IT to ensure business continuity


Surviving a disaster and ensuring sustainable operations is a key corporate objective. When you’re storing sensitive data, you need to be sure it’s always protected and that you can feel confident knowing you’re IT services are handled efficiently. NSI focuses on restoring data and fast recovery, which keeps your business operating continuously – preventing times where productivity drops, wages are lost, and clients are left unhappy.   You can’t afford to have your business halt to a stop, so we put protection in place to ensure that doesn’t happen.

Our Managed Business Continuity & Backup Service includes:



Daily Backups

Daily backups of all operating systems, files, and applications are uploaded locally to restore quickly in times of emergency.

Emergency response planning

Emergency response planning provides your entire team with clear and concise policies and procedures to deal with a disruption, so in the event of any issues, your business operations continue smoothly.

Cloud Backups

Cloud backups ensure you have everything you need to continue working from anywhere when your onsite equipment is damaged.

Regular Testing

Regular testing to guarantee they are ready to be used, documenting gaps and errors to prevent the possibility of failed backups that keep you from staying operational.

Where Do threats come from?


Threats to a business can come from many different sources. Unfortunately, the danger often lurks internally as well as externally. There are several circumstances that pose a threat to a business’ data, both man-made and natural disasters. A few of these examples include weather, natural disasters, human error, disgruntled employees, and criminals.

While nothing can prevent the unforeseeable, having a well-thought-out backup and disaster recovery plan helps a business to rebound quickly when data is lost or inaccessible. With the right backup solution in place, Calgary and Edmonton businesses can be up and running again in no time should one of these outside forces threaten their data.

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We serve small to mid-size businesses and business owners with the same high-level IT services used by most large scale organizations.

Our IT Help Desk is here to help you and you staff with your immediate IT problems.

Cloud management to get you set up for a remote working environment.

Never lose your important data and documents with managed backup services.

Hardware procurement to get your business the right hardware for your business model and goals.

We help you find the systems and software that will best support your business goals and needs.

Solutions to ensure your business operations and core functions aren't affected by disasters or incidents.

Security solutions to ensure your business is protected from security or data breeches, viruses and malware

System monitoring and management to ensure all your IT is up-to-date and the best solution for your business goals.

Industries we work with

We serve small to mid-size businesses and business owners with the same high-level IT services used by most large scale organizations.

Through our nearly 2 decade journey, NSI has supported clients in a vast variety of industries. NSI has especially deep experience in oil & gas, not-for profit, sports & entertainment, and health care.

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