What Type of IT Security Services Do I Need?

Contrary to popular belief, the price of proactive cybersecurity management and monitoring is much less than the cost of trying to recover data and regain systems control after a breach. Nirico Systems has taken this proactive approach by providing Managed IT Security Services that specialize in preventing issues from ever occurring rather doing damage control after the fact.


What Are Managed IT Security Services?

It is the process of outsourcing all cybersecurity-related activates to a team of IT security specialists. That team takes full responsibility for all IT functions, including cybersecurity, leaving you to focus your resources elsewhere. For an easily budgetable fixed monthly fee, the IT security professionals will provide all the cybersecurity management and monitoring needed to keep you safe from online dangers.

Which Services Are Included?

  • Network Security Services: Nirico Systems makes the security of its clients its top priority and offers a comprehensive suite of offerings that are critical in protecting your valuable data.
    • Firewall Security – To grant restricted access only to the authorized individuals
    • Managed Anti-virus and Malware Protection – With regular updates and patches, all security systems are kept up-to-date.
    • System and network monitoring – Real-time monitoring to discover and eliminate threats before they impact your networks.
    • Web-content filtering – Restricting access to any unauthorized sites that could bring down productivity or are proven to be malicious.
    • Spam filtering – Automatically blocking all insidious emails.
    • Mobile device protection – Security services for all mobile devices, including Android and iOS.
    • Safe Computer Practices – Holding regular workshops to educate employees about the dangers of the internet and how to deal with them properly.
  • Email Security Services:Many of the emails that can make it to your inbox are considered to be spam, phishing attempts, or have other malicious viruses and malware attached to them. Any single one of these emails could bring down an entire network were they to be opened by an unsuspecting victim.
    • Virus Protection – With various filters in place to monitor and remove all incoming and outgoing messages containing malicious executables, we can protect against viruses, malware, and any ill-natured attacks.
    • Spam Protection – Using our advanced filters, we can easily differentiate between work-related important emails and the unnecessary junk that is to be removed.
    • Email Encryption – In compliance with HIPAA, PCI, and other government and industry regulations regarding secure communications, we provide security for all corporate emails and client information at all times.
  • Business Continuity Services: Natural and local disasters are an unavoidable risk that all business have to deal with. A fire, a storm, or even a simple leaky pipe is sometimes enough to put someone out of business by damaging important and valuable client data. Although natural disasters can’t always be avoided, their effects can be minimized by employing business continuity plans.
    • Data Backup – Daily backups are done of all important data, restoring it swiftly in case of a disaster.
    • Cloud Backup – All data is saved on the cloud giving you access to it from anywhere in the world.
    • Emergency Response Planning – To inform your entire team of clear and concise policies and procedures to deal with any disruptions.
    • Regular Testing – To guarantee they are ready to be used at a moments notice, all backups are checked regularly.

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