Looking For a New Job?  Look To LinkedIn!

LinkedIn CareersDid you know that LinkedIn is widely used by job recruiters?  It’s an excellent place to post your resume, skills and employment preferences.

No matter if you’re already employed and looking for a better position, or currently unemployed, LinkedIn is a helpful tool to get the job you’re looking for.

The following are some tips to ensure recruiters can find you.

Complete your profile.

LinkedIn will take you through the steps to complete your profile to 100%.  Ensure you finish all of them.  Include a summary of your education, skills and work experience, along with your zip code.  Be sure to attach a professional photo.

Continually update your profile.

Check to see how many people view your profile. If your “viewed your profile” number is low, it’s time to update your profile to attract more attention. Keep updating, and reviewing your numbers until you get it right.

Use keywords to attract recruiters to your profile. 

Create a headline that says something about you.  Use the keywords that would help those searching find you. This shouldn’t be your job title, instead a description of your capabilities. For example, “Experienced Software Developer” would work.

Customize your LinkedIn URL.

The URL listed under your photo should include a version of your name.  This way it makes it easier for recruiters to find and contact you if they only have your name.  Post this URL on your resume and business cards.

Follow companies that you like.

By doing this you can find people who work for the company and see if they promote from within (check “Insights).  Plus you can see if the company has any job openings that you’d like to apply for.

Post updates on a regular basis.

Share your ideas, articles, websites and other interesting facts relating to the work you do to attract recruiters to your profile. Do this via the “update” feature.

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