Tired of Wasting Valuable Time Trying to Work with IT Services Firms that Aren’t a Good Fit for Your Oil or Gas Company?

With millions of points of data coming from control systems, drilling technologies, and remote sensors, oil and gas companies need an IT support team that focuses on attention to detail. Each data point requires secure storage, categorization, analysis, and visual display.

Nirico Systems Inc. understands the needs of the oil and gas industry and is up to the task of providing an optimized IT environment and fortified security to promote the achievement of each operational objective.


What Oil and Gas Software Does Nirico Systems Inc Support?

Nirico Systems Inc. employs a team of IT specialists with in-depth knowledge of the technical aspects of the oil and gas industry. This expertise uniquely positions us to provide our valued Calgary and Edmonton clients with the industry-specific IT support they need to realize their ideal IT working environment. We provide comprehensive support, troubleshooting, and advice in oil and gas software solutions related to GIS mapping, accounting, exploration, and production.

The software solutions we provide integration and IT platform support for include:

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Epicor
  • Intelex
  • SAP
  • iWell
  • EHS Insight
  • Orion
  • eMaint CMMS
  • FieldCap
  • Oracle
  • Corva

The right technology and IT support strategy are critical for Calgary and Edmonton area businesses to reach their next phase of growth.

Can the Right IT Support Increase Your Oil and Gas Operation’s Efficiency?

Oil and gas companies operate on a 24/7/365 basis. Malfunctioning IT or lost productivity due to downtime is a luxury no business can afford. With profit margins so narrow, cost management is a critical component in sustaining off-site operations.

Nirico Systems Inc. keeps our clients’ IT on task in the home office and on the field. We recognize the need for oil and gas companies to mitigate risk and maintain profitability. To do so, they need the assurance that their data is secure and recoverable in case of an emergency situation. That’s what we provide.

What Benefits Will You Get from Partnering with Nirico Systems Inc for Your Managed IT Services?

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