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We know that no two organizations are alike. When running a non-profit, you must invest in IT to achieve goals and to compete for funding. We understand your resource constraints, operational practices, and the applications on which you depend on. Our specific customised solutions will give you peace of mind by eliminating the burden of IT from your workload and increase productivity and efficiency while keeping costs low.


Our team of managed IT experts is immersed in technology every day. We manage your entire IT infrastructure to deliver the uptime, performance, and security your board, members, and donors expect. And with less time spent on technology issues, you’ll have more time to focus on organization priorities and stakeholder needs.

Our goal is to help you meet and exceed all of your business goals and requirements with the proper IT services in place.

How do we do it?

What Services Does Nirico Offer To Calgary Non-Profit Organizations?

Nirico’s approach to Managed IT Services is founded on offering a comprehensive suite of IT solutions and consulting services to address our clients’ every technology need. With a staff that comprises a rich and diverse background in many of the most technically challenging IT environments across a broad spectrum of industries, we possess the skill set to custom design the right IT environment to support the industry-specific workflow that each of our valued customers requires.

Among the offerings we provide for our clients are:

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