Why Do Healthcare Practices Need IT Services?

In 1996, the United States introduced the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), a published set of rules regulating the use and disclosure of a patient’s healthcare information. Managed IT Services Providers like NSI assist their valued healthcare clients with achieving HIPAA regulatory compliance while also leveraging the latest technology innovations for the medical industry. This approach provides our customers with peace of mind that their client data and sensitive information is secure. In addition, our IT services strategy promotes the establishment of an ideal IT working environment to support an efficient clinical workflow.

What Services Does My Healthcare Clinic Get from Managed IT Services from NSI?

  • Streamlined IT Assets to Promote Workflow Efficiency
  • Ongoing Scalability Allowing for Services Growth to Match Clinic Growth
  • Budget-Friendly and Predictable Monthly Pricing
  • 24/7 Help Desk Support
  • Regulatory IT Compliance Expertise

How Can IT Support Help My Healthcare Clinic?

Technology has changed the healthcare clinic experience for both patients and medical personnel. With online scheduling, in-office Wifi, web appointment reminders, and electronic health record access (EHR), patients have come to enjoy the benefits technology affords them. However, the increase in technological dependence in the healthcare arena increases the amount of IT management that must be done to maintain these innovative systems properly.

How Does Technology Help Healthcare Clinics?

  • Provides a greater opportunity for medical education
  • Simplifies communication between a clinic and its patients
  • Encourages a more efficient clinical workflow
  • Enforces security protocols to thwart cyberattacks

What Industry-Specific Solutions Does NSI Offer Healthcare Organizations?

Managed IT Services from NSI offers healthcare practices access to a team of professionals who are skilled at helping them to maximize the IT assets they already own and advising them in the next steps for technology purchases. As a result, workflow processes are streamlined and strengthened to promote greater staff and doctor efficiency.

Our team of IT specialists offers healthcare clinics:

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