How Does IT Consulting Help Calgary And Edmonton Area Businesses?

When a business is planning for future growth, it is essential that they consider the changes their technology will need to undergo to keep pace with their company development. IT consulting services provide customers with the high-level insights they need to make informed decisions which involve their business technology.


As a business grows, so too does its technology requirements. Nirico helps Calgary and Edmonton area businesses remain efficient and secure by assisting them procuring the tools they need to support expansion.

Among the benefits businesses gain from IT consulting services from Nirico are:

What Can I Expect From IT Consulting With Nirico?

The team of IT specialists at Nirico places a high emphasis on remaining on top of the latest technology innovations to assist our valued customers with sourcing the best IT solutions to support their operational objectives. We have many years of experience helping companies of all different sizes and backgrounds to take their businesses to the next level. Part of this transition often includes modernization of their current IT techniques and assets to support company growth and overall workflow.

Among the services our clients can count on are:

What Can IT Consulting From Nirico Help My Business Achieve?

App Selection Consulting

Every business needs both mobile and desktop solutions. Nirico uses a number of factors as determining criteria in sourcing the best approaches for our valued Calgary and Edmonton area clients. These include:

  • Expense of the solution
  • App or software design
  • Ease of use
  • Scalability
  • Portal design

Consulting Surrounding IT Management and Maintenance

Because Nirico is a vendor agnostic company, we have the ability to offer our clients a bias-free opinion when it comes to the IT services they need. We offer consulting in the following areas:

IT Hardware Procurement

Navigating through the minefield of new technology innovations can be a mind-boggling proposition. We help businesses to find the IT solutions they need by:

  • Collecting your required features
  • Sourcing pricing from reputable manufacturers
  • Implementing your selection
  • Presenting you with options

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