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What can Canadian business learn from the latest security breaches and hacking attempts coming from China?

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We had a chance to watch CNN’s “The Situation Room” and caught Mandiant CEO Kevin Mandia, whose company recently released a detailed report pointing the finger at the Chinese as the source of hacking attacks against corporations across the United States.

Mandia was interviewed by Wolf Blitzer about his report and the fallout plus what is the potential risk to his firm and their 300 employees. Mandia remained cautious and expressed concern that Chinese hackers would target his firm.

“With 300 employees it only takes one employee to slip up,” Mandia said.

Social engineering is a big concern for many corporations and untrained staff members or even human error can allow a hacker to gain access to the computer network and eventually steal corporate secrets and information. One compromised username and password can cause a serious security breach.

Is your staff trained on how to avoid becoming a victim of a social engineering attack?

People are trusting and when the IT department calls asking for a login or password, the majority of employees would freely share this information with their IT department. This is great for small firms where everyone knows the IT guy, however what about larger firms where the IT department changes on a regular basis? How do you know if that help desk person is truly a member of your help desk team?

Many companies large and small invest millions of dollars annually on security and technology to prevent cyber attacks but the largest security weakness on a business network still lies with the employee or end user. What can we do now to prepare our clients when a social engineering attempt strikes your business?

Training is the number one answer. Business leaders and managers must take steps today to ensure employees have the knowledge to spot a social engineering attempt and understand that under no circumstances, username, passwords or access tokens be shared with anyone. This practice will work at home and at the office.

Companies such as Microsoft, Visa/MC or any government organization will never ask for your password over the phone or in an email.  Be extremely cautious about any emails you may receive. If something doesn’t appear right, chances are it is not legitimate.

Our team of IT security specialists are here to help your business with any technology and computer security concerns you may have. We can also help in training your staff to spot any social engineering attempts or hacking attacks.

Best practices must prevail. Security is everyone in your organization’s responsibility, make sure you supply them with the right tools and make sure you have a robust IT security solution in place today.

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