Email Security Services

Email Security Services: Protecting Calgary And Edmonton Businesses From Email Threats

Here at NSI, we want to ensure your communications don’t fall into the wrong hands. Keeping you and your staff connected when it matters most.  

Communication is one the most important aspects in any properly functioning company or organization. Not only do they rely on telephones and word of mouth to share information but also rely on email as a principal method of communicating with staff members, partners and clients.

This is why NSI has developed unique defense strategies providing you with cost-effective and continuous protection, stopping spam and advanced threats before they reach you.  Your email infrastructure plays a vital role in the operation of your business and can be a gateway that can allow viruses, spyware and malware to invade your network. Our email security service filters unwanted messages, protects your mailboxes from targeted attacks and is designed to ensure that you do not fall victim to these spam and other malicious attacks that can threaten the privacy of your business’ information.

We understand that as a business there is that ultimate struggle between overall expenses and having beneficial services. This is why we have made it our duty to offer economical email services for business of varying capacities. Your business must have a complete range of email security services. These services also include, but are not limited to:

  • Virus Protection – All of our serviced clients are supplied with various filters that check and remove all incoming and outgoing messages to safeguard both you and your correspondents from viruses, malware and malicious attacks.
  • Spam Protection – With our advanced filters ease in differentiating between your important email and the unnecessary junk mail you can reclaim productivity by accessing your emails in a timely fashion.
  • Email Encryption – Today’s corporate emails must be secured. Compliance with HIPAA, PCI and other government and industry regulations regarding secure communications is a must. Protect customer and client information at all time.

Email Security Services From NSI

At NSI we’re consistently updating the services we offer to stay one step ahead of the various threats to your business and valuable electronic data. So don’t wait to get your email services secured, contact us at (403) 984-9001 or (780) 800-0644 or send us an email: Let us start protecting you today.

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