Slow InternetEver give your Internet Service Provider (ISP) a call because your internet connection is slow? It may not be because of the package you have with them – it could be your hardware.

Your network involves many pieces of equipment to function properly; routers, servers, desktop and laptop computers, mobile devices, network attached storage systems (NAS), and more. Many of these devices can keep you from having a productive day and limit you on the amount of business you can conduct.

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Your ISP probably provided you a new plan that will solve all your network problems, but that’s not always the best decision. Here are the secrets your ISP doesn’t want you knowing:

Networking Hardware Holding You Back

Routers, switches, and access points have a high probability of wearing down after a couple of years. These devices that are usually left on 24/7 and you generally pay no attention to them. By replacing these hardware problems you will also increase security, as hackers love outdated technology, and internet and network speeds. Clients have also reported an increase in network speed, as their new equipment can handle new-age internet and cloud solutions.

Malware and Viruses Cause Internet Slowdowns

Malware and viruses exist because people want control of your information. If you notice your internet is slow you could be experiencing a malware or virus infection. These threats can relay your information from your system to theirs. Having a live security protection system will keep threats out and you away from harm. If you believe in the free software that keeps you “safe,” talk to the 32% of people infected today: free software doesn’t give you sufficient protection from these threats.

Outdated Systems Choke Your Service

Older hardware requires more system resources and causes systems to suffer because of it. Servers that are running in offices are clunky, inefficient and drain resources. By switching to a cloud solution, not only are you going to improve energy costs, but your network security as well. With cloud solutions, providing ultimate security, malware and viruses have a hard time holding you back. With {company}’s cloud storage solutions, you never have to worry about security and network speeds again.

Internet Service Providers do not want you to know these secrets, but it’s only right for you to know why they keep suggesting higher packages. Pay less on your bill and have better security with a proper IT company. Having {company} on your side means protecting you from tomorrows threats today. Give them a call at {phone} or email {email} for your custom solution today.