2042 seems so far away, however it is closer than we think.

With almost every region in Canada now using multiple area codes and new ones being added annually, it will not be long before North America runs out of phone numbers.

What is driving this rush of phone numbers? Mobility and new telephony technologies are pushing the envelope. Mobile phones such as the iPhone and new Blackberry Z10 are a major reason for new telephone numbers. With the adoption of tablet computing using LTE or 4G numbers, they all need to have phone numbers assigned in order to operate on the cellular networks.

In addition to mobile devices, new services allowing for text messaging via a data service also require telephone numbers in order to function.

Check out the latest area code map.

Area Codes canada

Other services consuming available phone numbers include applications to control garage door openers or turn on the lights at your house. Many of these applications run on the cell networks and need their own telephone numbers.

Saskatchewan is the latest province to make the switch to 10 digit dialing. Their switch is currently underway leaving much of Canada now requiring users to dial all 10 digits of local numbers in order to connect.

A flurry of new area codes is coming this year including new area codes in the GTA. Toronto will get 437 added to the current 416 and 647 area codes and surrounding areas in the 905 area code will have 365 added to the current 905 and 289 area codes. Within the year, 236 will be added in BC and Nova Scotia & PEI will have a new area code assigned in 2014, followed by 226 added to the 519 area code and a new number in Alberta within 5 years.

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